First things first, what are overnight oats?
Overnight oats are raw oats soaked overnight in m!lk (we like British oat milk) mixed with fruits, nuts and superfoods for a tasty and nutritious breakfast. 
What makes overnight oats so great?
Apart from our great flavour combos, overnight oats are great for the way they make your body feel. See, when you soak oats the starches break down the phytic acid which is fancy talk for making it easier for your body to digest and absorb nutrients. 
How do I store Dote?
Dote is a fresh, ready-to-eat product without any preservatives or artificial ingredients so please store us in the fridge as soon as your package arrives. 
Can I freeze my oats?
Absolutely! We're all about minimising food waste at Dote and freezing your overnight oats is a great way to make sure they last. Simply freeze on day of arrival and consume within 3 months. To defrost, place in the fridge the night before. Devour within 24 hours. Once defrosted, don't refreeze.
Some like it hot, can I heat my oats?
 Overnight oats are designed to be eaten cold and this is how we would recommend having Dote. However, if you do want to heat them up you can heat them on a stove or microwave.
Can I return my order if there's an issue with it?
As a perishable food product, we only offer refunds on products which have been damaged. If this applies to you, please send a picture and description of the issue to, as well as your name and order number.
Does Dote contain any allergens?
On the whole, we try to use ingredients that are allergen-free (apart from our tasty hazelnuts), including using gluten-free oats and oat milk. However, our overnight oats are made in a kitchen handling other food products and while we do our best to minimise cross-contamination we can not guarantee that any allergens will not be present. Due to this, we mark our foods as not suitable for allergy sufferers. We are a new business and constantly changing and growing so we hope to change this very soon!
Do you have any stockists near me?
Please keep an eye out on our social media where we will announce any stockists or email us for a list at We are always on the lookout for great stockists, so if you know a good stockists (or are one yourself!) then please get in touch at